The Society awards various medals in recognition of outstanding contributions to British Numismatics and other services to the society. The societies medals are outlined below and specific regulations for each can be found here.

Sanford Saltus Gold Medal

The John Sanford Saltus Medal is the Society's premier distinction, awarded triennially, on the vote of Members, for the recipient's scholarly contributions to British Numismatics. The medal was established in 1910 with a generous donation by Mr John Sanford Saltus (1854-1922), a past-President of the Society. 

The medal is awarded to those who have made outstanding scholarly contributions to British Numismatics.

Jeffrey North Medal for Service 

This medal is named after Jeffrey North and is awarded for exceptional services to British Numismatics. The medal was designed by Nicola Moss, in a form which imaginatively represents the concept of service combined with numismatic symbols.

Centenary Medal

In 2003 the British Numismatic Society celebrated its centenary and to mark this auspicious occasion in its history a special medal was commissioned by the Society and produced by the Royal Mint. Designed by the accomplished artist Danuta Solowiej-Wedderburn, the medal seeks to capture the act of studying coins.

 Sanford Saltus medalNorth MedalBNS centenary medal

Previous Recipients

Sanford Saltus

1910 P W P Carlyon-Britton
1911 H Farquhar
1914 W J Andrew
1917 L A Lawrence
1920 Lt Col H W Morrieson
1923 H A Parsons
1926 G R Francis
1929 J S Shirley-Fox
1932 C Winter
1935 R Carlyon-Britton
1938 W C Wells
1941 C A Whitton
1944 Not awarded
1947 R C Lockett
1950 C E Blunt
1953 D F Allen
1956 F Elmore Jones
1959 R H M Dolley
1962 H H King
1965 H Schneider
1968 E J Winstanley
1968 C W Peck (posthumous award)
1971 B H I H Stewart
1974 C S S Lyon
1977 S E Rigold
1980 M M Archibald
1983 D M Metcalf
1986 J E L Murray
1989 H E Pagan
1992 C E Challis
1995 J J North
1997 P Grierson (special award)
1999 R H Thompson
2002 E M Besly
2005 P Woodhead
2008 M A S Blackburn
2011 M R Allen
2014 N J Mayhew
2017 N M McQ Holmes