British Numismatic Society Grants

The British Numismatic Society offers grants (see below), which are available to support a variety of activities, including but not exclusive to: travel expenses to attend numismatic events/conferences, payment of/towards numismatic conference fees, specialist software acquisition, image reproduction costs, publication costs, metallurgical analysis costs, display case costs for UK museums as well as other costs associated with displaying numismatic material. Applicants can submit more than one application per calendar year, but the Grants committee reserves the right to prefer first-time applicants over returning applicants, should limits on funds make this necessary.

These grants will not cover the acquisition of coins for either personal or museum collections.


Any questions please contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Grants of value less than £500

No application deadline: applications for this grant are accepted all year round.

Apply here. 


Grants greater than £500 but less than £1000

Application deadlines are 31st March and 1st September each year.

Apply here.


Grants greater than £1000 and Research Project Grants

A Grant that will support a research project which will enhance the knowledge of British Numismatics.

Applications deadline 31 March each year.

Apply here.