In 1991, the Society established a Special Publication series to publish monographs on numismatic topics. This was funded by a generous bequest from Roy Osbourne. The purpose of the series is to support the publication of monographs for works too extensive for the British Numismatic Journal.

The Society welcomes applications for publication for the Special Publication series. If you are interested in publishing within the series then please contact the Society's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

To date the Society has published the volums listed below. These can be purchased (with a discount for members) from Spink.  

Published Volumes

  1. The English Coinage 1180-1247. Money, Mints and Exchanges, by John D Brand (1994)
  2. The Soho Mint and the Industrialisation of Money by Richard Doty (1998)
  3. Tokens of the Industrial Revolution. Foreign Silver Coins Countermarked for use in Great Britain, c.1787-1828 by H. E. Manville (2001)
  4. The Durham Mint by Martin Allen (2003) [Winner of the North Book Prize 2006]
  5. The Abbey and Mint of Bury St Edmunds to 1279 by R J Eaglen (2006) [Winner of the North Book Prize 2008]
  6. The Coinage of Offa and His Contemporaries by Derek Chick, edited by Mark Blackburn & Rory Naismith (2010)
  7. Viking Coinage and Currency in the British Isles by Mark Blackburn (2011)
  8. The Coinage of Southern England 796-865 by Rory Naismith, 2 vols (2011)
  9. The Brussels Hoard of 1908: the Long Cross Coinage of Henry III by Ron Churchill & Bob Thomas (2012)
  10. Hard at Work - The Diary of Leonard Wyon 1853-1867 by Philip Attwood (2014)
  11. The Abbey and Mint of Bury St Edmonds from 1279 by Robin Eaglen (2014)
  12. Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain by Philip de Jersey (2015)
  13. Coin hoards and Hoarding in Roman Britain AD 43-c.498, by Roger Bland (2018)

 There was an error while printing volume 11, meaning the plates are incorrectly sized. You can click here to download the corrected plates.