The Society's Anniversary Meeting next Tuesday, 26 November, will be the fourth to be held at Holborn's charismatic Swedenborg Hall. The Hall is located at 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH. (Map) Please use the entrance in Barter Street. Doors will open at 6pm and the meeting commences at 6.15pm.

The main business of the evening will be Dr Kevin Clancy's Presidential Address, entitled Managing the gold coinage in the nineteenth century. The lecture will be preceded by the initial presentation of the Society's new 50th anniversary silver-gilt membership medals to nine recipients.

At the conclusion of the meeting all are welcome to stay for the Society's Anniversary Reception. This is being kindly sponsored by Raymond Sancroft-Baker, formerly of Christie's, to mark his 50th anniversary of membership.

Our lecture on 26 November
During the hundred years following the formal adoption of the gold standard in 1816, sovereigns and half-sovereigns came to be produced in huge numbers. The cost to the country was significant but Britain’s growth as an industrial power, the expansion of its international presence and the remarkable stability in the price of gold made it possible to maintain an extensive coinage of gold. Sovereigns became increasingly accessible but keeping a mass precious metal coinage in good condition over an extended period of time was a challenge for the Royal Mint, the Bank of England and the government. The paper will explore how Britain’s nineteenth-century gold coinage became embedded in the national consciousness and how the authorities met and ultimately overcame the operational problems of the gold standard.
If you are in London that day we look forward to your company; the nearest Underground station is Holborn.