ABC 309
ABC 309 -

Dubnovellaunos Pentagram. Sills class 4, rev. die 4. c.25BC-AD5. Gold quarter stater. 10-12mm.

1.32g. Plain with slight banding./ Horse leaping right, pellet below head, ringed-pellet and three pellets above, pellet above tail, pentagram and pellet below, beaded border. ABC 309, VA 163, BMC 2473-74, DK 80, S 170. CCI 15.0510 (this coin).  Ex John Follows collection, ex Geoff Cottam collection, Spink 2.12.2015, lot 34, ex Chris Barnard, 7.12.2000. VERY RARE type, 18 others this reverse die.   Published in Divided Kingdoms p.97 (this coin).    Images: © Chris Rudd Ltd,

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