c.326, Fausta
c.326, Fausta -

Fausta, Follis, Constantinople, c. 326, bare-headed and mantled bust right, rev. Salus standing facing, head left, holding two infants in arms, 2.83g/12h (RIC 12; LRBC 976).   Images courtesy of DNW.

Flavia Maxima Fausta (289–326) was a Roman Empress, daughter of the Roman Emperor Maximianus. To seal the alliance between them for control of the Tetrarchy, in 307 Maximianus married her to Constantine I, who set aside his wife Minervina in her favour. Constantine and Fausta had been betrothed since 293.  As the sister of Emperor Maxentius, Fausta had a part in her father's downfall. In 310 Maximian died as a consequence of an assassination plot against Constantine. Maximian decided to involve his daughter Fausta, but she revealed the plot to her husband, and the assassination was disrupted. Maximian died, by suicide or by assassination, in July of that same year.   (Wikipedia).

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