SUSS-74C093 -

A silver early medieval Merovingian denier, c.AD 700-40, possibly Chalon-sur-Saone. The reverse may be related to De Belfort 6582 and 6514, both of unassigned mint.  The reverse inscription, VVNTVIO, is unlisted although may be a blundered version of VVINTRIO for the moneyer Wintrio) known from tremisses listed for Chalon-sur-Saone (Prou 183-194) and Izernore (De Belfort 2065/Prou 125 var.), both in the Geneva area. The obverse inscription may read CVVOIN+OI possibly a devolved version of CABILONNVM (Chalon-sur-Saone), and similar to CA VI O+ NO as seen on a Chalon denier listed by Depeyrot (2001), Le Numeraire Merovingien p.97 no 11.  It has also been suggested that the coin is in the style of the Poitiers region. A second denier of this type has also been found in Southern France.   Thickness: 1.9 mm,  weight: 0.98 g, diameter: 12 mm.  A 2012 metal discovery from the Horsham area of West Sussex.  Images and data from the Portable Antiquities Scheme.