IOW-BB9B84 -

An Early-Medieval gold plated Visigothic tremissis, a contemporary imitation. This coin copies the tremisses of the 6th-century Byzantine emperor Justin I (or possibly Justinian I) and looks like one of the anonymous issues of the Spanish Visigoths as opposed to when they were based in Southern France. However, the left-facing Victory is a rarity, although not completely unknown and the bust is larger and of better workmanship than many of them which probably indicates that it is probably an early variety. 
Obv. DN II[ ]; Laureate bust right, cross on breast.  Rev. [ ]IC[ ]; Victory advancing left.  The core appears to be silver or base silver.  Weight: 1.21 g, diameter: 13.4 mm
A 2011 metal detector find from the Isle of Wght.   Data nd images from The Portable Antiquities Scheme.