ESS-8632F4 -

A pseudo-Imperial tremissis of the late 6th or very early 7th century (AD 550-625)  probably of Frankish manufacture. The inscription is too badly blundered to indicate which Byzantine emperor was being imitated, and both the obverse and reverse types are commonly found on both Byzantine and Frankish coins.  Obv. Diademed bust, r., _N___VICAPPAUG  Rev. Cross on steps, ___VATAUGUS___    Weight: 1.18g,  die axis: 135,  diameter: 11.73mm

This 2012 metal detector find, from near Colchester in Essex, was found in close proximity to another gold tremisses (2012 T248; ESS-84D6A3); both of these coins are from a spot close to where other gold tremisses of comparable date have been found in 2010 and 2011.  It is likely that the two 2012 finds represent additional material from the same dispersed hoard.

Images & data: Portable Antiquities Scheme