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Henry III - Long Cross Mints & Moneyers


The following table shows which moneyers were active at each mint; it can be a useful aid to identification of cut halves.  Numbers that are underlined show where a moneyer's name is only associated with that mint, so a cut half showing this moneyers name may be assigned to the appropriate mint.  Table of Mints & Moneyers

The relative scarcity of coins from the different mints, as seen in both the Brussels Hoard and Colchester Hoards, is shown on this chart. (Click)  

The relative scarcity of Mint-Moneyer combinations, as seen in the Brussels Hoard only, and with the exception of the major mints at London and Canterbury, is shown on this chart. (Click) which has been constructed regardless of coin class. Note that as the Brussels Hoard was sealed sometime during the period that 5g coins were being issued, this chart does not give an accurate representation for 5g coins, nor does it include numbers for coins of classes 5h, 5i, 6 or 7. Nevertheless, it is a useful indicator of relative scarcity for pre-5g coins. 

Examples of Coins from the Provincial and Eclesiastic Mints

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