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Today, January 1st, the BNS introduced a new section on it's website dealing with people, past and present, who have contributed to British Numismatics; it also includes a section on coin tickets, which will likely become the premier "go-to" place to look up tickets...
The new website section is described in a BNS Research Blog article by Gary Oddie, who is the driving force behind this new initiative...

The blog note provides a brief description of the archive, the reasons behind setting it up and the sources that have been used already to create the 800+ entries in the archive. The project has been prompted by the difficulties sometimes experienced in finding images of past collectors, dealers and authors etc. The late Harry Manville’s five-volume encyclopaedias were published between 1986 and 2009 and are extremely useful and virtually complete, but contain few illustrations, and no portraits of the characters within. The aim of this archive is to add some faces to the names and bring the works up to date. 
Incidental images, such as book plates, coin tickets and envelopes have also been added. A separate section has been created that contains just images of coin tickets and envelopes which is expected to initially have a life of its own with many of the names not yet appearing in the main archive.
A final section describes future plans and also how the archive might evolve with help from readers.

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