British Numismatic Society

Promoting the study of coins, medals, tokens and banknotes


Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

The British Numismatic Society advances the study of numismatics through our publications, research projects, grant-giving and programmes of lectures and events. We are committed to promoting an inclusive, supportive environment in our field. We wish everyone to be able to participate in our field, recognising that this has not always been the case. We are determined to bring about equality, diversity and inclusion in our society and committed to an ongoing process of embedding change to achieve a numismatic community that is genuinely diverse, welcoming and inclusive.

Council has agreed the following goals for 2023:

Actively considering inclusion and diversity in all BNS programming, with a commitment to 30%+ female speakers at BNS events over the 2023 session.

Actively promoting the society, its activities and its grants via social media, to reach a larger audience of younger numismatists, potential numismatists and those interested in cognate disciplines.

Reviewing the membership application process to make applying for membership as straightforward as possible.

Building on the experience gained in the 2022 session to deliver all 2023 meetings as hybrid Zoom/in-person meetings, at an accessible venue, with recordings of meetings made available where possible.

Endeavouring to hold one event outside London each year.