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  18-Apr-2023   User Guide updated.   Some duplicate hoards removed and a few new ones added; 1936 hoards now online.  
  21-Mar-2023   A new feature has been added which allows users the option of displaying known battlefields. Battlefields shown on the map will vary depending upon the hoard deposition date range as set by the slider control.  Documentation of this new feature is being developed, though it is fairly intuitive to use.  About 150 battlefields are currently shown and more will be regularly added.  
  27-Feb-2023   New feature added which allows users to filter by hoard record quality.  Details can be found in the HELP section.  At this time we now have 1935 hoards online.  
  03-Dec-2022   Further hoard additions and revisions, and a few duplicates deleted, 1910 hoards now online.  
  29-Nov-22   A few minor programming enhancements: (a) Hoard reports now show the date they were revised, (b) Addition of an icon giving the option to download a list of hoards resulting from a search: output format is CSV, and list length is limited to 100 hoards max. (c) Alternate hoard names, where they exist, are now shown on the hoard summary sheets.  
  25, 26, 27, 28 Nov   A few hoards updated each day.  
  25-Nov-22   Several hoards added, and a number of others updated (mainly 9th cent.)  
  22-Nov-22   Project launched online, with 1900 hoards  
  -------------------------- -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
  Mid-November   Over 1800 hoards now uploaded, and project on track to go live on Nov. 22nd.  
  Mid-September   1400 hoards now uploaded.  
  Mid-August   The Team has now uploaded 1000 hoards  
  04-May-22      Fourth Research Assistant joined Project : Luke Mundy, and he remained with the project through to October 6th.  
  02-May-22   Third Research Assistant joined Project : Murray Andrews, and remained with the project until Sept. 9th.  
  28-Mar-22    Second Research Assistant joined project : Josh Cattermole  
  09-Mar-22    First Research Assistant joined Project : Will WIlson  
  19-Feb-22    Website programming commenced by consultant programmer.   
  25-Jan-22    Project approved by BNS Council with initial funding put in place.  
  19-Dec-21   Website officer commenced development in MS Access of Hoards database, and general project coordination.   
   26-Oct-21   Initial proposal by Martin Allen for the project.