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Lagerqvist, L  
Laity, D  
Lake-Price, W.F. (1810-96)  
Lavers, S.G. (1872-1957)  
Law, J.R. (1943-2014)  
Lawrence, L.A. (1857-1949)   
Lawson, W.J. (1845-1953)  
Lax, E.R. (1923-77)   
Leather, C. (1950-2021)  
Leather, E  
Lee, J. (1783-1866)  
Lee, J.E. (1808-87)  
Leeds, E.T. (1877-1955)  
Leggett, S  
Leighton, P.J. (1923-2007)  
Lennox, 2nd Duke  
Lenny, J.E. (1924-2013)  
Letham, R  
Levitan, G  
Levy, T  
Lewis, L.S. (1836-91)  
Liddell, D.G. (1919-2003)  
Lincoln, E. (1850-1916)  
Lincoln, F.W. Snr. (1830-1909)  
Lincoln, W.S. (1803-72)  
Lindsay, J  
Linecar, H.W.A (1912-85)  
Lingford, H.M. (1891-1950)   
Lipton, T  
Litherland, A  
Lobel, R  
Lockett, R.C. (1873-1950) Lockett's Collection Notes
Lockett, S  
Logue, S  
Londesborough, A.D.C. (1805-60)   
Lotherington, A  
Loulakakis, D.G. (1934-2014)  
Lovell, K  
Lowther, M  
Lubbock, R.  
Lubbock, R.M. (b.1947)  
Lunn, R.H. (1919-99)  
Lyon, C.S.S. (1926-2020)