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Promoting the study of coins, medals, tokens and banknotes


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Kaitcer, L.A. (1930-80)
Keable, D
Kendal, L
Kennett, W
Kenny, M.E.
Kent, J.P.C. (1928-2000)
Kentfield, G.E.A
Kenyon, F.G. (1863-1952)
Keogh, J
Kerins, D
King, C.W (1818-88)
King, H.H. (1890-1976)
King, T
Kirkpatrick, I
Kitchen, G
Knight, R.P. (1750-1824)
Konig, S
Krause, C. (1923-2016)
Kraay, C.M. (1918-82)