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Abdy, Sir R. (1688-1748)
Abdy, Richard
Abingdon, Earl of, (1653-99)
Abramson, T
Addison, J. (1672-1719)
Afeldt, A
Ailesbury, Marquess of (1842-1911)
Ainslie, G.R. (1776-1839)
Akerman, J.Y. (1806-73)
Aldred, D.J. (1939-2018) 
Allen, D.F. (1910-75)
Allen, D.K. (1951-2020)
Allen, I (1928-2020)
Allen, J
Allen, M.R. (b.1956)
Allen, P.G.
Allison, E
Amecourt, G (1825-88)
Amstell, M
Anderson, M.J. (1938-2021)
Andrew, J.P. (b.1951).
Andrews, D
Andrews, L.
Andrews, M
Archer, Q.
Archibald, M. M. (1935-2016)
Argyll, Duke of  (1872-1949)
Arnold, G.R. (1910-98)
Arnot, A.J. (1917-94)
Ashley, W.E. (1899-1977)
Atkins, J. (1837-1910)