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The British Numismatic Journal (BNJ) is the Society's principal publication, and is the foremost journal for matters relating to British Numismatics. It contains a number of scholarly articles as well as notes, obituaries, reviews and transactions. the journal is produced annually in hard-back form, and a copy is sent free to all members of the Society.

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Coin Register

Coin Register was significantly redesigned in 2011 to provide a review of important single finds of Iron Age, Roman and Medieval coins with a supplementary appendix listing other finds recorded by the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds (EMC). PDF plates of the coins in the Appendix for 20112012 and 2013 are available here, with more recent coins viewable via the Corpus website.  


Digital British Numismatic Journal

Back issues of the British Numismatic Journal are available to read by following the links below. The volumes are arranged chronologically. If you are looking for a specific subject then you may find the Index of BNJ contents 1903-2016 helpful.

The majority of the files are PDFs and will require a reader to access them. To download a free reader (Adobe Acrobat) please click here.


Author Title Pages
Title Pages
R. Rainbird Clarke A hoard of silver coins of the Iceni from Honingham, Norfolk 1-10
R. H. M. Dolley A neglected but vital Yorkshire hoard 11-17
C. E. Blunt and J. D. A. Thompson Forgery in the Anglo-Saxon series 18-25
R. H. M. Dolley and J. S. Strudwick The provenances of the Anglo-Saxon coins recorded in the tow volumes of the British Museum Catalogue 26-59
Horace H. King The Coins of the Sussex Mints: Part I, Bramber (?), Chichester, Pevensey and Rye 60-74
R. H. M. Dolley and F. Elmore Jones An Intermediate Small Cross issue of Aethelraed II and some late varieties of the Crux type 75-87
R. H. M. Dolley Three late Anglo-Saxon notes 88-105
Ian Halley Stewart The Stamford mint and the connexion with the abbot of Peterborough under Ethelred II 106-110
Peter Seaby The Sequnece of Anglo-Saxon coin types 111-146
R. H. M. Dolley The Dover hoard, the first English hoard with groats of Edward I 147-165
J. R. Vincent Unpublished information upon Charles I Weymouth mints 169-170
Arthur C. Griffin The 'Dunkirk' tokens 171-174
Miscellanea 175-226
C. S. S. Lyon A Reapraisal of the sceatta and styca coinage of Northumbria 227-242
R. H. M. Dolley A new type and moneyer of Eadberht 'Praen' 243-248
Horace H. King The Coins of the Sussex Mints: Part II, Hastings and Steyning 249-263
R. H. M. Dolley A note on the mints of Sudbury and Southwark at the end of the reign of Aethelre II 264-269
R. H. M. Dolley and F. Elmore Jones The mints "AET GOTHABYRIG" and "AET SITH(M)ESTEBYRIG" 270-282
R. H. M. Dolley The Stockbridge down find of Anglo-Saxon coins 283-287
G. L. V. Tatler A note on the transition between types I and II of the pennies of Edward I 288-293
R. H. M. Dolley A find of Edward I and II at Neath Abbey 294-299
W. J. W. Potter The Heavy groats of Henry VI 300-311
Herbert Schneider An angel of Edward V in the Herentals (Belgium) Treasure Trove 312-316
Ian Halley Stewart The identity of 'the New Plakkis last cunyeit' withdrawn in 1485 317-329
Herbert Schneider The tower gold of Charles I 330-385
H. G. Stride The gold coinage of Charles II 386-393
Robert J. Sherlock A nineteenth-century manuscript book on coins 394-399
Miscellanea 400-432
List of members 433-442
Derek F. Allen A remarkable celtic coin from Canterbury 443-448
C. E. Blunt and R. H. M. Dolley The Anglo-Saxon coins in the Vatican library 449-458
R. H. M. Dolley and D. M. Metcalf Two stray finds from St. Albans of coins of Offa and of Chalremagne 459-466
C. E. Blunt The coinage of Ecgberht, king of Wessex, 802-39 467-476
Philip Grierson Halfpennies and third-pennies of king Alfred 477-493
F. Elmore Jones and C. E. Blunt The tenth-century mint 'Aet Weardbyrig' 494-498
R. H. M. Dolley Two Anglo-Saxon notes 499-508
B. H. I. H. Stewart The Small Crux issue of Aethelraed II 509-517
Horace H. King The coins of the Sussex mints: Part III, Lewes 518-536
F. Elmore Jones Stephen type VII 537-554
R. H. M. Dolley A further find of Edward pennies at Neath Abbey 555-559
W. J. W. Potter Henry VIII - The sequence of marks in the second coinage 560-567
I. D. Brown Some notes on the coinage of Elizabeth I with special reference to her hammered silver 568-603
R. D. Beresford-Jones The Oxford mint 1642-6: Unites and Half-Unites 604-619
S. A. H. Whetmore Notes on some issers of countermarked Spanish dollars 620-648
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