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The British Numismatic Journal (BNJ) is the Society's principal publication, and is the foremost journal for matters relating to British Numismatics. It contains a number of scholarly articles as well as notes, obituaries, reviews and transactions. the journal is produced annually in hard-back form, and a copy is sent free to all members of the Society.

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Those wishing to contribute to the Journal are encouraged to read the Journal's guidance notes and to contact the editor for further information.


Coin Register

Coin Register was significantly redesigned in 2011 to provide a review of important single finds of Iron Age, Roman and Medieval coins with a supplementary appendix listing other finds recorded by the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds (EMC). PDF plates of the coins in the Appendix for 20112012 and 2013 are available here, with more recent coins viewable via the Corpus website.  


Digital British Numismatic Journal

Back issues of the British Numismatic Journal are available to read by following the links below. The volumes are arranged chronologically. If you are looking for a specific subject then you may find the Index of BNJ contents 1903-2016 helpful.

The majority of the files are PDFs and will require a reader to access them. To download a free reader (Adobe Acrobat) please click here.


Author Title Pages
Contents i-viii
P. W. P. Carylon-Britton Introduction 1-8
W. J. Andrew Buried Treasure: some traditions, records and facts 9-59
Bernard Roth Notes on three British gold coins recently found near Abingdon 61-64
A. B. Creek The Regal Sceatta and styca series of Northumbria 65-96
Nathan Heywood The First Coinage of Henry II 97-111
George Rickword The Colchester Hoard 113-122
L. A. Lawrence Notes on the Coinage of Edward IV., suggested by a recent find of coins 123-136
Bernard Roth A Remarkable Groat of Henry VIII 137-138
John E. T. Loveday The Henry VIII Medal or pattern crown 139-147
Bernard Roth Finds of Clippings of silver coins 148-162
F. Stroud Brief musings on the Exurgat money 163-167
Philip Nelson The Coinage of Ireland in copper, tin and pewter 169-264
Philip Nelson The Coinage of William for the American Colonies 265-285
J. G. Caldecott The Spanish Dollar as adapted for currency in our West Indian Colonies 287-298
S. H. Hamer Notes on the private tokens, their issuers and die sinkers 299-332
P. W. P. Carylon-Britton Treasure trove, the Treasury and the Trustees of the British Museum 333-348
John C. Hill Find of Roman Coins at Peterborough 349-351
J. B. Caldecott Countermarked Spanish dollar for old Canada, 1765 353-354
Illustrations of the Coinage 355-358
Two Ancient Dies: description of the Plate 359-360
Reviews 361-376
Illustrations of Miscellaneous Exhibits 379-380
Proceedings of the Society 381-445
Rules of the Society 447-459
List of Members 461-478
Index 479-500