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Now Available: Two New Special publications

New Special Publications

This September the Society is proud to publish two new Special Publications:

Viking Coinage and Currency in the British Isles by Mark Blackburn (£29)

Viking Coinage and Currency cover

For more than three decades Dr Mark Blackburn has been one of the leading authorities on the monetary history of Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia in the early Middle Ages. This volume brings together fifteen of his papers on the theme of Vikings and their currency in the British Isles, from the dual monetary and bullion economy that emerged after the Scandinavian raids and conquests of the ninth century, to the establishment of dynamic new coinages by Viking rulers. Among them is a previously unpublished study of over 1,000 coins and other metallic objects associated with the winter-camp at Torksey set up by the Viking Great Army in 872/3. The papers are fully indexed and supplemented with additional notes by the author. A bibliography of all of Dr Blackburn's publications is also included.

Mark Blackburn is Keeper of Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Reader in Numismatics and Monetary History in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Gonville and Caius College.

A special reception to mark the publication of this volume was held in Cambridge in September 2010.

The Coinage of Southern England 796-865 by Rory Naismith, 2 vols (£90)

Southern England cover

The Coinage of Southern England 796-865 is the first full assessment of the coinage produced between the death of Offa and the arrival of the Viking Great Army to be published in almost fifty years. It contains a catalogue, classification and die-study of all surviving coins minted in England south of the Humber: almost 3,000 specimens in total. Details and illustrations of every coin are provided, as well as an extensive introduction and other supporting chapters laying the pennies into their numismatic and historical context. This material is of central importance to all students of Anglo-Saxon numismatics and history.

Rory Naismith is a Junior Research Fellow at Clare College, Cambridge.

Both volumes are now available. Details for ordering can be found here.