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2005 (Vol. 75)

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Author Title Pages
D. M. Metcalf The First Series of Secattas minted in Southern Wessex: Series W 1-17
M. A. S. Blackburn Currency under the Vikings. Part 1: Guthrum and the earliest Danelaw coinages 18-43
Martin Allen The Quantity of money in England 1180-1247: New data 44-49
Martin Allen The interpretation of single-finds of English coins, 1279-1544 50-62
Martin Allen The fourteenth-century hoard from Chesterton Lane Corner, Cambridge 63-90
Marvin Lessen Notes on Simon's pattern (petition) crown of Charles II 91-112
George Selgin Charles Wyatt, Manager of the Parys mine mint: A study in Ingratitude 113-131
David Dykes The Sherborne bank tokens 132-160
Short Articles and Notes 161-175
Coin Register 2005 176-199
Reviews 200-211
Obituary 212-215
President's review 216-218
Proceedings 219-222
Trustees' report 223-233
Index 234-236