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2003 (Vol. 73)

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Contents -
Preface -
H. Pagan The British Numismatic Society: a History 1-43
J. Williams Iron-Age and Roman Coins 44-57
C. S. S. Lyon Anglo-Saxon Numismatics 58-75
M. M. Archibald Early Medieval Coinage (1066-1279) 76-88
P. Woodhead Late Medieval Coinage (1279-1485) 89-97
Lord Stewartby Lawrence and his successors 98-106
B. J. Cook Tudor Coinage 107-115
C. E. Challis Henry Symonds, FSA: 30 January 1859-11 February 1933 116-119
E. M. Besly The Coinage of the Stuarts 120-127
V. H. Hewitt Modern Coins and Paper Money 128-136
J. D. Bateson Scotland and Ireland: A Century of Progress in Coinage Studies 137-147
P. Stevens Imperial and Colonial Coinages 148-160
R. H. Thompson Tokens and Paranumismatica to 1700 161-168
D. W. Dykes The Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Token 169-174
L. Brown A Discourse of Medals 175-185
Lord Stewartby John Gloag Murdoch (1830-1902) 186-190
L. Forrer, edited by D. W. Dykes Numismatic Reminiscences of the Last Sixty Years 191-212
P. D. Mitchell Some Reminiscences of the Coin Business I Joined and of Some Members Past 213-267
H. E. Pagan and C. R. S. Farthing Appendix: List of Members of the Society (1903-2003) 268-279
Index 280-280