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2000 (Vol. 70)

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D. M. Metcalf Determining the mint-Attribution of East Anglian Sceattas through Regression analysis 1-11
R. J. Eaglen and R. Grayburn Gouged Reverse Dies in the Quatrefoil Issue of Cnut 12-37
M. R. Allen The Volume and Composition of the English Silver Currency, 1279-1351 38-44
N. M. McQ. Holmes and Lord Stewartby Scottish Coinage in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century 45-60
M. R. Allen Two Fourteenth-Century Mint Indentures and Related Documentary Evidence 61-66
Jessica Freeman The Mistery of Coiners and the King's Moneyers of the Tower of London, c. 1340-c.1530 67-82
B. Paszkiewicz Two 'Crosraguel Pennies' Found in Gdansk and the Problem of their Function on the continent 83-89
D. W. Dykes The tokens of Thomas Mynd 90-102
H. E. Manville The Bank of England Countermarked Dollars, 1797-1804 103-117
K. Clancy The Royal Mint's Use of the Reducing Machine 118-123
M. Stocker The 1967 New Zealand Decimal Coin Reverses 124-138
Short Articles and Notes 139-153
Coin Register 2000 154-168
Reviews 169-177
Royal mint advisory committee 178-179
Obituaries 180-183
Presidential Address 184-188
Presentation of the Sanford Saltus medal to R. H. Thompson 189-190
Proceedings 191-192
Trustees' report 193-197
List of Members 198-202
Series Summary Index 203-213
Index 214-222