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1998 (Vol. 68)

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C. D. Lloyd The C Mint of Carausius and Allectus 1-10
Marion M. Archibald Two Ninth-Century Viking Weights found near Kingston, Dorset 11-20
Stewart Lyon Die-Cutting in the Last Small Cross Type of Aethelred II and some Problematic Lincoln and East Anglian Dies and Die-Links 21-41
T. C. R. Crafter A Re-examination of the Classification and Chronology of the Cross-and-Crosslets Type of Henry II 42-63
G. L. V. Tatler The Bury Coinage of Edward I with the Name of Robert de Hadeleie 64-76
N. M. McQ. Holmes; P. T. Wilthew (contribution) Scottish Coin Hoards 1996-97 77-94
B. J. Cook with Ray Carey and Kevin Leahy Medieval and Early Modern Coin Finds from South Ferriby, Humberside 95-118
Edward Besly A Civil War Hoard from Tregwynt, Pembrokeshire 119-136
Short Articles and Notes 137-160
Coin Register 1998 161-179
Review 180-182
Proceedings 1998 183-183
Report of the Trustees for the Year ended 31 October 1997 184-188
Presidential Address 1998 189-191
Index 192-203