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1995 (Vol. 65)

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Marion M. Archibald, Valerie Fenwick with M. R. Cowell A Sceat of Ethelbert I of East Anglia and recent finds of coins of Beonna 1-19
Elizabeth J. E. Pirie with M. R. Powell Earduulf: a significant addition to the coinage of Northumbria 20-31
Joseph P. Huffman Documentary evidence of Anglo-German currency movement in the Central Middle Ages: Cologne and English Sterling 32-45
Edward Besly Short Cross and other Medieval coins from Llanfaes, Anglesey 46-82
J. J. North Some imitations and forgeries of the English and Irish Long Cross pence of Henry III 83-119
Martin Allen Documentary evidence for the Henry VI annulet coinage of York 120-134
Craig Barclay The Ryther Treasure Trove 135-150
Marvin Lessen Simon's mill gold coins and medals of Charles II, 1660-62 151-168
H. E. Manville Additions and corrections to Thompson's Inventory and Brown and Dolley's Coin Hoards - Part 2 169-184
G. P. Dyer Gold and the Goschen pound note 185-193
Sir Conrad Swan Ars Heraldica in Metallo 194-201
Lord Stewartby Robert B.K. Stevenson, 1913-92 - a numismatic appreciation 202-213
Short Articles and Notes 214-226
Coin Register 1995 227-251
Reviews 252-264
Proceedings 265-265
Accounts 266-267
Presidential Address 268-270
Index 271-274