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1991 (Vol. 61)

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Sir Ian Stewart Moneyers in the 1130 Pipe Roll 1-8
Marion M. Archibald Dating Stephen's First Type 9-22
J. J. North The Early Irish Pence of Edward I Reclassified 23-30
Geoff Egan Alnage Seals and the National Coinage - Some Parallels in Design 31-36
Robert B. K. Stevenson The Groat Coinage of James V, 1526-38 37-56
Edward Besly and Michael Cowell The Metrology of the English Civil War Coinages of Charles I 57-75
C. P. Barclay A Civil War Hoard from Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire 76-81
J. D. Bateson The 1991 Kelso Treasure Trove 82-89
Philip D. Greenall and Stella Greenall Dividing Seventeenth-Century Tokens between London and Middlesex 90-123
Short Articles and Notes 124-140
Coin Register 141-155
Reviews 156-158
Obituary 159-160
Proceedings 1991 161-161
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1990 162-163
Presidential Address 1991 164-176
Index 177-178