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1983 (Vol. 53)

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C. E. Blunt The Composition of the Cuerdale Hoard 1-6
Paul Robinson The Shrewsbury Hoard (1936) of Pennies of Edward the Elder 7-13
Peter J. Seaby A New 'Standard' Type for the Reign of King Stephen 14-18
G. P. Gittoes and N. J. Mayhew Short Cross Sterlings from the Rotenfels Hoard 19-28
Michael Mitchiner and Anne Skinner English Tokens, c.1200 to 1425 29-77
Nicholas M. McQ. Holmes A Fifteenth-Century Coin Hoard from Leith 78-107
D. G. Borden and I. D. Brown The Milled Coinage of Elizabeth I 108-132
T. Stainton John Milton, Medallist, 1759-1805 133-162
R. N. P. Hawkins Supplement III to Catalogue of the Advertisement Imitations of 'Spade' Guineas and their Halves (BNJ 23(1963), 34 (1965) and 37 (1968)) 163-175
Short Articles and Notes 176-186
Reviews 187-188
Portrait Medal for the Eightieth Birthday of Christopher Evelyn Blunt 189-190
R. H. Thompson (Compiler) Publications and Papers of Christopher Evelyn Blunt 1972-83 191-193
A. J. H. Gunstone Obituary 194-195
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, 1983 196-197
Accounts of the Year ended October 1982 198-199
Presidential Address 1983 200-202
Index 203-204
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