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1982 (Vol. 52)

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C. E. King A Small Hoard of Carausius found near Bicester, Oxfordshire 7-16
J. A. Davies The Barbarous Radiates from Richborough 17-28
Wilfred A. Seaby A Coenwulf Penny by Wihtred from Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire 29-33
Marion M. Archibald A Ship Type of Athelstan I of East Anglia 34-40
H. E. Pagan The Coinage of the East Anglian Kingdom from 825 to 870 41-83
Elizabeth J. E. Pirie The Ripon Hoard, 1695: Contemporary and Current Interest 84-103
M Dhenin and P. Leclercq The Coins of Quentovic from the Cuerdale Hoard in the Museum of Boulogne-sur-Mer 104-107
Ian Stewart The Anonymous Anglo-Viking Issue with Sword and Hammer Types and the Coinage of Sitric I 108-116
C. E. Blunt The Cabinet of the Marquess of Ailesbury and the Penny of Hywel Dda 117-122
Paul Robinson The 'Eadpeard' Variety of the Hammer Cross Type of Edward the Confessor 123-131
D. H. Caldwell, Joan E. L. Murray and M. Delme-Radcliffe Innerwick Hoard, 1979 132-150
Marvin Lessen The Cromwell Funeral Medal by Simon 151-157
George Berry Sutler to His Majesty's Guard of Foot 158-160
J. Keith Horsefield Copper v Tin Coins in Seventeenth-Century England 161-180
Philip Grierson Computational Fractions of the Grain: Mites, Droits, Periods and Blanks 181-186
T. Stainton The Proposed Royal Academy Medal of 1793 187-197
G. P. Dyer and P. P. Gaspar The Dorrien & Magens Shilling of 1798 198-214
R. H. Thompson and A. J. Wager The Purpose and Use of Public House Checks 215-233
G. P. Dyer Numbered Strikings of Victorian Bronze Coins, 1860-68 234-240
Short Articles and Notes 241-246
Ian Stewart Review Article: The Nelson Collection at Liverpool and Some York Questions 247-251
Reviews 252-260
P. Woodhead The Publications of F.Elmore-Jones 261-264
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