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1981 (Vol. 51)

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Contents -
C. E. King Late Roman Silver Hoards in Britain and the Problem of Clipped Siliquae 5-31
Elizabeth J. E. Pirie Early Northumbrian Coins at Auction, 1981 32-51
D. M. Metcalf Continuity and Change in English Monetary History c.973-1086, Part 2 52-90
Ian Stewart English Coinage in the Later Years of John and the Minority of Henry III, Part 2 91-106
J. W. Greenwood The Closure of the Tudor Mint at Bristol 107-111
Marvin Lessen The Cromwell Dunbar Medals by Simon 112-133
Peter Preston-Morley and Harry Pegg A Revised Survey of the Seventeenth-Century Tokens of Nottinghamshire 134-196
Short Articles and Notes 197-203
Reviews 204-210
Obituaries 211-214
Proceedings 215-216
Presidential Address 217-221
Accounts 222-223
List of Members 224-230
Index 231-232