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1974 (Vol. 44)

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D. M. Metcalf Sceattas Found at the Iron-Age Hill Fort of Walbury Camp, Berkshire 1-12
M. A. S. Blackburn The Mint of Watchet 13-38
Editorial Note The Colchester Hoard 39-40
David T. D. Clarke I. Discovery and Site (The 1969 Colchester Hoard) 41-43
W. A. Seaby II. The Anglo-Irish Portion (The 1969 Colchester Hoard) 43-48
Ian Stewart III. The Scottish Element (The 1969 Colchester Hoard) 48-61
N. J. Mayhew The Monetary Background to the Yorkist Recoinage of 1464-1471 62-83
Review 84-88
Obituary: R. P. Mack 89-89
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 90-96
Presidential Address 97-103
Accounts for the year ending 31 October 1973 104-106
Index 107-108