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1972 (Vol. 41)

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S. Scheers Coinage and Currency of the Belgic Tribes during the Gallic War 1-6
C. E. Blunt The Sevington Hoard 1834 7-13
H. E. Pagan The Unpublished Fragment of a Coin of Ceowulf II 14-20
C. E. Blunt The Origins of the Mints of Herford and Maldon 21-26
R. Seaman A Further Find of Coins from Dunwich 27-33
Mavis Mate Monetary Policies in England, 1272-1307 34-79
P. Grierson Notes on Early Tudor Coinage 80-94
D. Stevenson The Covenanters and the Scottish Mint, 1639-1641 95-104
J. K. R. Murray and B. H. I. H. Stewart The Scottish Copper Coinages, 1642-1697 105-135
R. B. K. Stevenson and J. Porteous The Scottish Seventeenth-Century Coin Hoards 136-146
P. H. Robinson The Dunchurch and Stafford Finds of Eighteenth-Century Halfpence and Counterfeits 147-158
R. H. Thompson John Boxer and the Ninteenth-Century Silver Tokens of Kent 159-167
A. J. Dowling Calculating Britain's Requirement for Decimal Coins 168-178
Miscellanea 179-184
Reviews 185-198
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, 1972 199-207
Presidential Address 208-217
Accounts for the Year Ended 31 October 1971 218-219
Obituary: C. Allen 220-220
List of Members 221-232
Index 233-234