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1967 (Vol. 36)

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D. F. Allen Celtic Coins from the Romano-British Temple at Harlow 1-7
D. F. Allen Three Ancient British Notes 8-10
D. R. Walker The 'Wolf' Sceattas 11-28
C. E. Blunt and R. H. M. Dolley On an alleged Penny of Ludica, King of Mercia 825-7 29-31
Michael Dolley A Fourth Find of Ninth-Century Coins from Ireland 32-35
R. P. Mack St. John's Church, Chester, Hoard of 1862 36-39
Michael Dolley OE *Christ3egn—An Unsuspected Instance of Early Middle Irish Influence on English Name-giving 40-45
Ian Stewart The St. Martin Coins of Lincoln 46-54
Michael Dolley and C. E. Blunt A Parcel of Reform-type Pence of Eadgar and his Successors 55-58
Michael Dolley and Stewart Lyon Additional Evidence for the Sequence of Types Early in the Reign of Edward the Confessor 59-61
Michael Dollet, Lillemob Lundstrom and Gay van der Meer A Preliminary Account of the Anglo-Saxon-Element in the 1966 Find from Tingstade Parish on Gotland 62-80
Michael Dolley, C. E. Blunt and G. van der Meer The Anglo-Saxon Element in the 1967 Burge Hoard from Lummelunda Parish, Gotland 81-85
F. Elmore Jones and C. E. Blunt A Remarkable Parcel of Norman Pennies in Moscow 86-92
Colm Gallagher Neglected Documentary Evidence for the Currency of 14th Cent. Scottish Coins in N.E. Ireland 93-95
Michael Dolley and W. A. Seaby Some Unpublished Early Nineteenth-Century Irish Finds 96-105
C. E. Blunt Unrecorded Heavy Nobles of Henry IV and Some Remarks on that Issue 106-113
Michael Dolley and W. A. Seaby Le Money del Oraylly (O'Reilly's Money) 114-117
Michael Dolley Elizabethan Bungal(l)—A Contribution to Anglo-Irish Lexicography 118-121
Herbert Schneider The Hammered Gold Coins of Charles I I 122-168
D. Stevenson The Irish Emergency Coinages of James I I 169-175
T. V. Buttrey Cut coins in Canada 176-178
G. K. Beaulah The Medals of the Art Union of London 179-185
R. C. Bell The Tokens of Thomas Hollo way 186-188
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