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1965 (Vol. 34)

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D. F. Allen A Celtic miscellany 1-7
H. E. Pagan A third gold coin of Mercia 8-10
H. E. Pagan Coinage in the age of Burgred 11-27
R. I. Page Ralph Thoresbury's runic coins 28-31
R. H. M. Dolley The Guernsey eight doubles of 1864 32-36
Veronica J. Smart A subsidiary issue of Æthelred II’s Long Cross 37-41
C. S. S. Lyon A round Halfpenny of Edward the Confessor 42-45
R. H. M. Dolley, D. J. Elliott and F. Elmore Jones The Buckingham mint 46-52
N. J. Ebsworth The Anglo-Saxon and Norman mint of Warwick 53-85
J. D. Brand and J. D. A. Thompson A Worcestershire hoard of Short Cross pennies 86-89
John D. Brand The Short Cross coins of Rhuddlan 90-97
R. H. M. Dolley and William O'Sulivan The Corofin (Co. Clare) hoard - late 12th - early 13th centuries 98-103
R. H. M. Dolley and W. A. Seaby parcel of Long Cross coins - ?from the 1869 Tower Hill hoard 104-108
B. H. I. H. Stewart and R. B. K. Stevenson The Rhoneston hoard, 1961 109-117
Herbert Schneider Chronological problems of the Pinecone-Mascle coinage of Henry VI 118-120
T. F. Reddaway Two Tudor notes 121-125
S. N. Lane A seventeenth-century bronze hoard from County Kerry 126-131
David Wilmer Dykes and Kenneth A. Jacob Two notes on trade tokens: [1] A mythical seventeenth-century halfpenny of Cambridge 132-134
W. A. Seaby Castlegomber Tokens: an inquiry 139-148
R. N. P. Hawkins Supplement to Catalogue of the Advertisment of 'Spade' Guineas and their halves (BNJ xxxii 1964) 149-161
Daniel Fearon General Gordon's Khartoum Star 162-165
Miscellanea 166-176
Reviews 177-186
Proceedings and Exhibitions 187-190
Presidential Address 191-200
Index 201-203