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1952-54 (Vol. 27)

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Contents ii-iv
Philip V. Hill The animal, “Anglo-Merovingian” and miscellaneous series of Anglo-Saxon sceattas. I. The animal series 1-38
Philip Grierson The Canterbury (St Martin’s) hoard of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon coin-ornaments 39-51
C. E. Blunt Three Anglo-Saxon notes 52-57
R. H. Dolley and E. J. Winstanley Maidstone Treasure-Trove 58-65
Ian Stewart The attribution of the thistle-head and mullet groats 66-72
J. D. A. Thompson British currency and the importation of bullion, 1793-1840 73-79
J. D. A. Thompson Documents illustrating the export of counterfeit currency to the West Indies 80-87
Miscellanea 88-123
C. E. Blunt and R. H. M. Dolley The Chester (1950) hoard 125-160
C. E. Blunt The Smarmore hoard of tenth-century pennies 161-166
R. H. M. Dolley The significance of die-axis in the context of the later Anglo-Saxon coinage 167-172
Horace H, King Two numismatic journeys to Scandinavia: new moneyers for the types in the Sussex and Guildford mints 173-174
R. H. M. Dolley A piedfort lead trial-piece of Edward the Confessor 175-178
F. Elmore Jones New light on the Abbot of Peterborough in the Norman period 179-181
Ian Stewart The heavy silver coinage of James III and James IV 182-194
Herbert Schneider A note on Mr. Whitton's paper "The coinages of Henry VIII and Edward VI in Henry's name". To which are added certain addenda and corrigenda 195-203
R. H. M. Dolley, G. F. Howell and H. G. Stride A contemporary forgery of William III crown 204-210
Miscellanea 211-240
Presidential Address 1953 241-248
D. F. Allen Three ancient British coins 249-255
C. E. Blunt Saxon coins from Southampton and Bangor 256-262
R. H. M. Dolley A new Anglo-Saxon mint 263-265
R. H. M. Dolley The “jewel-cross” coinage of Ælfgifu Emma, Harthacnut, and Harold I 266-275
Ian Halley Stewart Double moneyers' names on early Scottish pennies 276-280
R. M. H. Dolley and I. H. Stewart The 1953 Bootham Treasure Trove 281-293
J. P. C. Kent The Yearby (Redcar) hoard 294-301
R. H. M. Dolley and Mrs. J. S. Strudwick An early seventeenth-century collection of Anglo-Saxon coins 302-312
C. Wilson Peck The Royal Farthing Tokens of James I 313-333
R. D. Beresford-Jones The Oxford mint and the triple unites of Charles I 334-344
D. W. Dykes Some local tokens and their issuers in early nineteenth-century Swansea 345-353
Miscellanea 354-361
Reviews 362-364
Obituaries 365-366
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1954 367-383
List of Members 1955 384-389
Index 390-394