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1949-51 (Vol. 26)

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Author Title Pages
Contents ii-iv
Philip V. Hill The coinage of Britain in the dark ages 1-27
F. Elmore Jones Hedon near Hull - a new Norman mint 28-30
S. E. Rigold The trail of Easterlings 31-55
C. A. Whitton The coinages of Henry VIII and Edward VI in Henry's name 56-88
Miscellanea (Treasure Trove) 90-94
Obituaries 95-97
Proceedings of the Numismatic Society 1949 98-113
Presidential Address 114-120
Lists of Members 121-127
Philip V. Hill Saxon sceattas and their problems 129-154
James Davidson Distinguishing marks on the later issues of David II 155-163
F. O. Arnold The regnal attribution of the initial mark rose and sun dimidiated 164-212
Miscellanea 213-221
Reviews 222-338
Miscellanea 339-379
Index to Volume XXVI 380-385