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1938-1941 (Vol. 23)

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Contents v-vii
H. Alexander Parsons The coins of Eadmundís moneyers Faraman and Ingelgar, A.D. 939-46 1-5
William C. Wells The Stamford and Peterborough mints. Part II. Descriptions of the coins struck at the Stamford mint. 7-28
L. A. Lawrence Long cross coins of Durham 29-30
Derek Allen Dies in the Public Record Office, 1938 31-50
H, J. Dakers The First Issue of David II 51-58
C. A. Whitton The heavy coinage of Henry VI 59-90
Anthony Thompson An Oxford hoard of the time of the Civil Wars 91-96
Derek Allen The "Weymouth" and "Salisbury" mints of Charles I 97-118
M. H. Grant British medals since 1760 (continued) 119-152
Miscellanea: a new imitation of a Short Cross Penny 153-161
Reviews 163-167
Obituary: P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton / Presidents of the Society / John Sanford Saltus Gold Medal 169-170
Proceedings of the Society, 1938 175-190
List of Members at 30 November 1938 193-200
L. A. Lawrence LONDE or LVNDE CIVITAS 201-203
C. A. Whitton The heavy coinage of Henry VI. Part II. The Rosette-Mascle to Trefoil issues 205-267
Derek Allen Treasure Trove, 1933-9 269-286
D. F. Allen and W. R. Dunstan Crosses and crowns: a study of coinage in the Eliabethan dramatists 287-299
J. B. Caldecott Sussex seventeenth-century tokens 301-320
M. H. Grant British medals since 1760 (continued). Victoria (1862) 321-362
Miscellanea: a Miled Gold-Pattern £3 piece of Charles I 363-364
Obituary 365-480
Proceedings of the Society, 1939 481-486
Index to Volume XXIII (487) 489-496