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1929-30 (Vol. 20)

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Contents v-ix
W. J. Andrew Numismatic sidelights on the Battle of Brunanburh, A.D. 937. [Mint of Derby] 1-25
G. D. Lumb Edward the Elder pennies with façade of a building 27-29
W. J. Andrew Coins commemorating the rebuilding of York Minster A.D. 921-25 31-32
Alfred Anscombe FASTOLFI MONETA”, “FASTOLFES MôT” and the like on coins of Eadgar Rex Anglorum 33-48
W. J. Andrew Stockbridge, an Anglo-Saxon mint 49-61
William C. Wells The Northampton and Southampton mints. Part III. Canute, AD 1016-1035 63-93
H. Alexander Parsons The first authorized issue of Edward the Confessor 95-104
George C. Brooke Quando moneta vertebatur: the change of coin-types in the eleventh century: its bearing on mules and overstrikes 105-116
W. J. Andrew The mints of Rye and Castle Rising in the reign of Stephen 117-121
V. B. Crowther-Beynon Some notes on “peny-yard pence” 123-135
H. W. Morrieson The coinage of Oxford, 1642-46. Part II. 137-151
H. W. Morrieson The coinage of Coombe Martin, 1647-1648 153-158
H. W. Morrieson Addenda to the coinages of Thomas Bushell 159-162
J. O. Manton Buckinghamshire trade tokens issued in the seventeenth century. Part III 163-205
E. C. Carter A review of the pattern broads of Charles II 207-213
Helen Farquhar Roya Charities (Second Series) Part V 215-250
H. Alexander Parsons The Bombay pice struck by the English East India Company during the reign of Charles II 251-259
Charles Winter An unique and unpublished gold medal granted to Major Rogers of the Enniskilleners for valorous services 1690 261-262
Charles Winter Irish volunteers and militia: medals, belt plates and shako plates 263-269
Charles Winter War medals issued for services in India, 1852-1924, also the first and second issue of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire 271-277
George C. Brooke Treasure Trove 279-289
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Sessions 1929 and 1930 297-378
Lists of Members 379-391
Serial Summary 394-410
Index to Volume XX 411-454