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1927-28 (Vol. 19)

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Contents v-vii
Alfred Anscombe The Richborough coin inscribed “DOMINO CENSAVRIO CES 1-23
H. Alexander Parsons The Anglian coins of Cnut the Great 25-67
William C. Wells The Northampton and Southampton mints. Part II 69-91
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton Some coins of Henry I 93-107
Helen Farquhar Royal Charities (Second Series) Part IV 109-129
H. W. Morrieson The coinage of Lundy, 1645-6 131-143
H. Alexander Parsons Unpublished and doubted milled silver coins of Scotland, A.D. 1663-1709 145-156
J. O. Manton Buckinghamshire trade tokens issued in the seventeenth century. Part II 157-198
William C. Wells The eighteenth- and nineteenth-century tokens of Northamptonshire 199-211
S. Alan Garnett Pitt Clubs and their badges 213-218
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Sessions 1927 and 1928 225-308
Lists of Members 309-323
Index to Volume XIX 325-360