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1923-1924 (Vol. 17)

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Contents v-viii
William C. Wells The Northampton and Southampton mints 1-49
William C. Wells A hoard of coins of Æthelræd II found in Ireland 51-59
H. Alexander Parsons Assays and imitations, foreign and native, of the late Saxon period, A.D. 975-1066 61-97
H. Alexander Parsons The chronology of the Hiberno-Danish coinage 99-124
Raymond C. Carlyon-Britton The sequence of mint-marks preceding, during, and succeeding the restoration of Henry VI 125-132
Helen Farquhar Royal Charities (Second Series) Part II 133-164
Helen Farquhar An Emergency Coinage in Ireland 165-169
Helen Farquhar Some portrait-medals struck between 1745 and 1752 for Prince Charles Edward 171-225
H. W. Morrieson The attribution of the “BR” monogram on Charles I’s coins 227-233
H. W. Morrieson Some entries of numismatic interest in the Master’s accounts of the Merchant Tailors’ Gild of Dublin 1553-61 235-239
W. J. Freer Orders, decorations and medals given to the British Navy, Army, and Flying Force in the Great War 241-273
F. E. Burton Arnold Village Tokens 275-276
Frank E. Burton South Notts Yeomandry Medals 277-280
C. Winter Gold and silver medals of the Honourable East India Company 281-287
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Sessions 1923 and 1934 295-380
Lists of Members 381-395
Index to Volume XVII 397-452