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The British Numismatic Society

Promoting the study of coins, medals, tokens and banknotes



1903-1904 (Vol. 1)

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Author Title Pages
Contents i-viii
P. W. P. Carylon-Britton Introduction 1-8
W. J. Andrew Buried Treasure: some traditions, records and facts 9-59
Bernard Roth Notes on three British gold coins recently found near Abingdon 61-64
A. B. Creek The Regal Sceatta and styca series of Northumbria 65-96
Nathan Heywood The First Coinage of Henry II 97-111
George Rickword The Colchester Hoard 113-122
L. A. Lawrence Notes on the Coinage of Edward IV., suggested by a recent find of coins 123-136
Bernard Roth A Remarkable Groat of Henry VIII 137-138
John E. T. Loveday The Henry VIII Medal or pattern crown 139-147
Bernard Roth Finds of Clippings of silver coins 148-162
F. Stroud Brief musings on the Exurgat money 163-167
Philip Nelson The Coinage of Ireland in copper, tin and pewter 169-264
Philip Nelson The Coinage of William for the American Colonies 265-285
J. G. Caldecott The Spanish Dollar as adapted for currency in our West Indian Colonies 287-298
S. H. Hamer Notes on the private tokens, their issuers and die sinkers 299-332
P. W. P. Carylon-Britton Treasure trove, the Treasury and the Trustees of the British Museum 333-348
John C. Hill Find of Roman Coins at Peterborough 349-351
J. B. Caldecott Countermarked Spanish dollar for old Canada, 1765 353-354
Illustrations of the Coinage 355-358
Two Ancient Dies: description of the Plate 359-360
Reviews 361-376
Illustrations of Miscellaneous Exhibits 379-380
Proceedings of the Society 381-445
Rules of the Society 447-459
List of Members 461-478
Index 479-500