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North Book Prize


1. The North Book Prize was established in 2006 with a generous donation by Jeffrey North.

2. The prize shall normally be awarded every two years to the author or authors of the book which in the opinion of Council has made the best contribution to British Numismatics.

3. Eligible books shall be those that have been published during the current, or three preceding, calendar years, copies of which have been received by the joint library of the British Numismatic Society and the Royal Numismatic Society.

4. Council may appoint an advisory committee to assist it in determining the award. A Member of Council may be considered for the Prize as author or co-author of an eligible book, provided that he/she is not a member of the advisory committee and is absent from that part of any Council Meeting at which it is considered.

5. The recipient shall receive a cash sum the value of which shall be determined by Council from time to time.

6. The first award shall be made in 2006 and be of £500