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From now on meetings will take place on Mondays at the Society of Antiquaries commencing at 6.15 pm, unless otherwise indicated.​

  13 January (New York, 4pm EST): John Kraljevich, ‘We owe allegiance to no crown’: the War of 1812 in American and British medals. (Details)


   23 January: Jennifer Adams, Slavery & the Bank: the Bank of England's links with transatlantic slavery. (Details)


   27 February: Anni Byard, Coins & Conquest: Coin hoarding in Britain 200 BC – AD 96. (Details)


  27 March: Professor Rory Naismith, Domesday Book and the Moneyers of Eleventh-Century England. (Details)
   24 April: Laura Burnett, The Industrious Revolution Illustrated: 17th  century trade tokens - trade, retail, and occupational identity.  (Details)


  22 May: Dr Andrew Edwards, Money to Burn: The Problem of Money at the beginning of the American Revolution. (Details)

 Followed by the Spring Reception.  


   26 June: Chris Barker, The Post War Sovereign: Part III; The Post War Sovereign Part III : Towards a modern bullion business - diversification and expansion.  (Details)


  SATURDAY 15 July: SUMMER SYMPOSIUM (Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford). Coin hoards - Discovery and Interpretation. (Details)



 25 September: Dr Shailendra Bhandare, Kutcha Paisa: Investigating a Monetary Phenomenon in 19 th  Century Colonial India. (Details)

  23 October: Lucy Moore, Kings, Bishops and Vikings: re-assessing coinage in ninth-century Northumbria. (Details)


  27 November: Anniversary Meeting and Presidential Address. Dr Elina Screen, Britain and the sea in the first millennium, 2: Coins and the coasts of the North Sea. (Details)

Followed by the Anniversary Reception.