BNJThe British Numismatic Journal (BNJ) is the Society's principal publication, and is the foremost jounrnal for the matters relating to British Numismatics. It contains a number of scholarly articles as well as notes, obituaries, reviews and transactions. The journal is produced annually in hard-back form, and a copy is sent free to all members of the Society.

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Coin Register

Coin Register was significantly redesigned in 2011 to provide a review of important single finds of Iron Age, Roman and Medieval coins with a supplementary appendix listing other finds recorded by the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds (EMC). PDF plates of the coins in the Appendix for 20112012 and 2013 are available here, with more recent coins viewable via the Corpus website.  

Digital British Numismatic Journal

Back issues of the British Numismatic Journal are available to read by following the links below. The volumes are arranged chronologically. If you are looking for a specific subject then you may find the Index of BNJ contents 1903-2010 helpful.

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Title Pages
Sir Ian Stewart Moneyers in the 1130 Pipe Roll 1-8 1-8
Marion M. Archibald Dating Stephen's First Type 9-22 9-22
J. J. North The Early Irish Pence of Edward I Reclassified 23-30 23-30
Geoff Egan Alnage Seals and the National Coinage - Some Parallels in Design 31-36 31-36
Robert B. K. Stevenson The Groat Coinage of James V, 1526-38 37-56 37-56
Edward Besly and Michael Cowell The Metrology of the English Civil War Coinages of Charles I 57-75 57-75
C. P. Barclay A Civil War Hoard from Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire 76-81 76-81
J. D. Bateson The 1991 Kelso Treasure Trove 82-89 82-89
Philip D. Greenall and Stella Greenall Dividing Seventeenth-Century Tokens between London and Middlesex 90-123 90-123
Short Articles and Notes 124-140 124-140
Coin Register 141-155 141-155
Reviews 156-158 156-158
Obituary 159-160 159-160
Proceedings 1991 161-161 161-161
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1990 162-163 162-163
Presidential Address 1991 164-176 164-176
Index 177-178 177-178