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  Bishops of Durham had the right to mint coins from the late eleventh century to the mid-sixteenth century. Many thousands of these coins survive, and more are found each year. This book, which is the first to be published on the Durham mint since 1780, places the coins in the context of the abundant manuscript sources for the history of the mint. It provides a comprehensive account of the mint, reconstructing its operation as a business at the mercy of market forces, and assessing its contribution to the exceptional palatine privileges of the prince-bishops of Durham.   For more than three decades the late Dr Mark Blackburn (1953−2011) was one of the leading authorities on the monetary history of Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia in the early Middle Ages. This volume brings together fifteen of his papers on the theme of Vikings and their currency in the British Isles, from the dual monetary and bullion economy that emerged after the Scandinavian raids and conquests of the ninth century, to the establishment of dynamic new coinages by Viking rulers. Among them is a previously unpublished study of over 1,000 coins and other metallic objects associated with the winter camp at Torksey set up the Viking Great Army in 872−3.   Britain has a uniquely rich heritage of coin hoards of the Roman period, with over 3,400 known from the Iron Age through to the fifth century ad. This book is the product of a lifetime’s work studying these hoards and is the first comprehensive survey for eighty years. There are chapters on the study of hoards, on hoarding in general, on the Iron Age to Roman transition to ad 69, the denarius period (ad 69−238), radiate hoards (ad 238−96), the fourth and fifth centuries (ad 296−c.491) and late Roman precious-metal hoards. It also contains a full checklist of all Iron Age and Roman coin hoards. The book is an expanded version of the author’s Presidential Addresses to the British Numismatic Society, with two new chapters.  
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