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  Project Director - Martin Allen    Martin Allen Wolfson 1  


Martin Allen is Senior Curator Medieval Money at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and the Editor of the British Numismatic Journal. He administers the Fitzwilliam Museum's online Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds (EMC). His main field of research is the monetary history of medieval Britain and Ireland after 1066.



  Project Coordinator -  Robert Page    IMG 0968 CoLo  

Rob is the Website Officer for the BNS and also handles the day-to-day coordination and supervision of the MCHBI project. He additionally runs the BNS Research Blog, to which he occasionally contributes articles, particularly on the coinage of Henry III. As well as numismatics, his interests include archaeology and history; and his academic background is in geology.  Having now retired from a long career in the international oil industry he now has the time to pursue his interests, of which this project is one.  Any questions about MCHBI may be emailed to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Advisor -

Gary Oddie

   Goddie photo 001a  

Gary has been collecting and researching coins, counterfeits and tokens etc since a very young age. Following training in physics and later fluid engineering, he spent 24 years in research in oilfield fluid mechanics in the oil industry. He took early retirement in 2020 and is now focussing on writing up the many unfinished numismatic projects accumulated over the decades. He is past editor of the Token Corresponding Society Bulletin and has been co-organiser of four Token Congresses. He has given talks to many numismatic societies and as well as initiating the Contributors project for the BNS, has written many short notes for the Token Corresponding Society Bulletin (Link) and the British Numismatic Society Blog.


Project Advisor - Eleanor Ghey



Eleanor Ghey works in the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum as Curator: Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards. She records and advises on Iron Age and Roman hoards submitted for consideration under the Treasure Act 1996. Prior to this she worked on a collaborative project with Leicester University collecting data on all recorded coin hoards of this date from Britain.

  Senior Research Assistant - Murray Andrews    Murray Andrews 2022  

Murray Andrews is Associate Professor in Numismatics at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. His research interests centre on the archaeology of ancient and historic economies, with a particular focus on coinage and monetary activity in northwest Europe during the later Middle Ages and early modern period (c.1250-1750). He was previously a lecturer in Archaeology and Heritage Studies at the University of Worcester.  Author of the book “Coin Hoarding in Medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544”.


Research Assistant - -Josh Catermole



Josh Cattermole is a keen collector and has been collecting coins since he was 15. Ever since, he has collected coinage from a variety of countries and periods. For English coinage, his favourite period is later Medieval, particularly the 15th century. Within this scope, he has shown himself willing to aid those who have questions on coin identification. His current numismatic speciality is the study of coinage from the Republic of Venice, with a particular focus being the circulation of Soldini, or ‘’Galley Halfpence’’, in England in the 15th and 16th centuries, with a detailed book on the earlier period due for publication in late 2022.


Research Assistant - Luke Mundy

(May-Oct 2022)



Luke is from Bristol, and started collecting in 2020. After the covid 19 pandemic, he started the Hammered Corner YouTube channel to inspire new and upcoming collectors and numismatists. He collects coins from Celtic - Stuart, focusing in on the Short Cross and Tudor coinages. He attended the South Gloucestershire university, and has been working part-time for Essex coins since 2021.   He is now looking for a full-time numismatic position.

  Research Assistant - William Wilson      


Will Wilson's numismatic story began at the University of Reading where he gained a BA and MA in archaeology with his MA thesis focussing on the ritual deposition of Iron Age and Roman coinage at Romano-Celtic temple sites. He currently works at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge where he has worked with the Department of Coins and Medals documenting their collection. This has led to a strange obsession with hyperinflation currency from Germany and Austria in the 1920's and a real interest in how the public interact with numismatic collections in museums.


Research Assistant -       Lucy Moore - from Jan. 2023



Lucy Moore is a postgraduate researcher at the University of York, where she is studying the Northumbrian pennies commonly known as stycas, with a particular interest in their interactions with the Viking Great Army. She also works part-time in the curatorial team at Leeds Museums & Galleries and is UK Wikimedian of the Year 2022 (link). 

  Stuart Page - Programming     Stuart has extensive programming experience (details on his LinkedIn page and personal website) and served as a freelance programmer on this project, building the website which includes Leaflet mapping technology with a variety of basemaps,  a CMS, PostgreSQL database with GIS search and a Meillisearch intelligent text search.  His focus was both on functionality and performance. Additionally, he provides MCHBI site hosting using his dedicated server, with automated backups.