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BNS Centerary Medal - Obverse and Reverse

The British Numismatic Society is the leading organisation for the study of coins, medals, jettons and paper money of the British Isles, the Commonwealth and other territories that have been subject to British rule. Although based in the United Kingdom, it has an international membership, drawn from a wide range of academic and museum professionals, amateur specialists, collectors and dealers.

Latest from the BNS

You can buy our two new Special publications - 'The Abbey and Mint of Bury St. Edmunds from 1279' by Robin J. Eaglen and 'Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain' by Philip De Jersey now!.

The Society is offering four grants to attend the International Numismatic Congress in Taormina. These are being administered by the RNS.

You can read about our 2015 (York, London and Norwich) student bursaries here.

You can now buy our new Special Publication (The Abbey and Mint of Bury St Edmonds from 1279, by Robin Eaglen). Click here for details.

You can read about our 2014 student bursaries here.

Digital Version of BNJ now available